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United States bound. I have been programming for roughly 12+ years as a hobby without university or job experience, and I prefer to term it Generalist Programmer. I sometimes call it Programming Specialist. My favorite languages are C, C++, C#, Lua, Asm (mips), and Java. I’ve done most of my work on Windows with Linux VM support, if needed. I have experience with the embedded systems: RBPI3+, PSP, GBA, and DS. I can code in over 15 different languages, but I feel most comfortable with probably 10 of them. Someday I want to move to being pure Linux, but my love of video games keeps me away.

I never went to school for anything IT / Computer Science. I do have a certification that says I know how to setup networks (advancedly), build computers, fix and use printers, exercise physical security, manage storage media, and some other things that require driver and IT-support skills. However, I am more of a software lover than a hardware one. That doesn’t mean I haven’t leanred electric engineering! Embedded software is neat.

You will find I am very pedantic when it comes to formatting of my source. I will not use CLANG formatting. I will not. The source files must be clean, tabbed properly, and align correctly without using an accurate amount of tabs (never spaces!). Extra whitespace on ends of lines or between first and last parameters in functions make me go crazy. The tab standard is 4 spaces. I never skip over misspellings, unless I am writing huge amounts of text that requires proof-reading. I always enjoy helping repos who aren’t native English translate or fix up their readmes. I speak to be correct in any claims and my comments should reflect that. If I am lying, I have been lied to.

My first coding practices were HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I moved on to Java and spent about 4+ years there. Java is a nice language when you are dealing with complex libraries not suitable for scripts (servers, signed byte processing, string work). I briefly touched many languages during this learning time too. Some are Actionscript, ASP, PHP, NSIS and C++. I continued with PHP and learned some MySQL on the way to making minecraft plugins. I started learning C and wrote a few applications/games for the GBA then PSP all after learning OpenGL+OpenAL with LWJGL. I started work on OS development which was my intro to assembly followed by programming MIPS for the PSP then back to OS development. Today I am at work on personal projects.

My learning never stops. I am practicing digital art as well as digital sound, whether it comes to sound effects or music. It is part of the indy game dev theme. I have a certain interest in pixel art as well as simplex and complex sound effect creation.

I am open for a remote job! Ask me for my resume.

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